What are niacin health benefits?

Niacin also known as nicotinic acid is essentially a vitamin B3. It naturally occurs in both animals and plants. Similarly, it is added as a vitamin supplement to various foods that people consume on a daily basis. Furthermore, niacin is present in numerous nutritional supplements and multiple vitamins.

Niacin is basically used in the treatment and prevention of a deficiency of natural niacin in the body of an individual. It is also used to lower levels of both triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. Niacin can also significantly lower the risk of suffering from a heart attack especially for people with high cholesterol levels and in the treatment of atherosclerosis.

Niacin benefits
Benefits of niacin
Nicotinic acid or niacin has an array of health benefits to the human body. Some of the main ones include the following:

Improves cholesterol levels
Vitamin B3 niacin has been established to be an effective remedy in the reduction of high cholesterol levels. It also lowers the risk of patients diagnosed with mixed dyslipidemia (an elevation of triglycerides and plasma cholesterol or even both) of suffering from cardiovascular disease. Vitamin B3 niacin greatly promotes high levels of good HDL cholesterol and consequently lowers levels of triglycerides.

Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
It reduces atherosclerosis, a condition that is characterized by the hardening of the arteries and makes an individual vulnerable to heart disease. It does this by decreasing inflammation and producing histamine. Histamine is a chemical compound that is responsible for the dilation of blood vessel and generally improves blood circulation in the body. It also reduces the chances of the reoccurrence of a heart attack in patients who have previously experienced it.

Treatment of diabetes
It can help in the treatment of diabetes as it plays a critical role of balancing the levels of blood sugar in the human body. In the form of niacinamide, it assists to boost the efficiency of particular drug treatments for diabetes. Niacin facilitates better control of blood glucose levels in patients suffering from diabetes. Usually, the top priority in the treatment of diabetic patient is to lower bad cholesterol LDL levels and niacin does just that.

How niacin treat different conditions
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Maintains the health of the skin
Niacin is used in the effective treatment of acne. More so for severe cases that characterized by inflammation and a lot of pain. It has been established as a natural treatment for clearing acne and promoting a healthy skin. It is used in the treatment of granuloma annulare and bullous pemphigoid since it reduces redness, skin inflammation, irritation and flare ups.

Supports proper brain function
Niacin has been proved to offer protection against Alzheimer’s disease as well as other brain disorders that are associated with age. Similarly, niacin decrease the risk of suffering from problems related to poor brain function and loss of thinking skills that are related to age.

Treats arthritis and helps with joint mobility
It is highly effective in promoting increased joint mobility. It facilitates reduction of joint pain and promotes increase in muscle strength.

The above insightful information clearly indicates that the health benefits associated with niacin are endless. Get to know more about niacin benefits as knowledge is power.