How to identify a good juicer for your home use

To improve your overall health, you need to consider eating a balanced diet and include exercising. However, if you want to speed up the process, fruits and vegetable juices should be added as well when you take your meals. In fact, adding juice to your eating habits will enhance the intake of important nutrients and ingredients to your system instead of consuming them when cooked since it will only destroy them. Juicing has got its advantages and demerits. However, you must talk to a nutritionist so that they can help you know what your body requires to keep fit or even cut on the excess weight. Also, you can use juice to eliminate toxins from your body as well. Therefore, you must buy the right juicer to help you extract the juice from the fruits and veggies.


Majority of essential nutrients in the fruits are normally wiped away when you heat them; thus, the remaining will not have any positive effect on your health. However, using a juicer will ensure all the nutrients are preserved and will have huge benefits to your body. In fact, juicing will retain the rich taste of the vegetable and fruits and you will not have to complement the taste by adding sugar or other additives. In addition, you don’t have to spend money purchasing ready fruit juice.

Selecting the right juicer

In order to prepare juice, you must invest on a good juicer. As you start shopping for the right machine, you will come across several brands available in stores. Choosing the best will be a difficult task because of the assortment you will get. However, you must pick one that will serve your needs and work faster. Below are the common makes you can choose from.

  1. Manual juicers- These types are cheap compared to other designs. In addition, you will be required to apply more pressure and strength to work the machine to produce the juice. The process will take a lot of time to fill one cup and expend energy. Most of them are not strong; thus, you must minimize on the pressure you put or you will damage it. Even though it is cheap, you cannot make more juice if you have more people waiting for it.
  2. Masticating juicer- It has a single gear but the speed is not much. Many people prefer this type because no heat will be produced hence it preserves the juices nutrients. With the slow pace of extracting the juice from the fruits and vegetables, the noise is less thus will get more juice from it than the manual juicer.
  3. Centrifugal juicers- These are the modern types that are high speed thus producing more noise. The advantage however is that more juice will be produced in a short time than the other two listed above. When using this machine, you must remove the pulp often when you are making more. Whichever choice you make, ensure you will get maximum benefits and value for money as well.

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